Sun-Do, in Korean, means leader, or guide. Sun-Do Taekwondo is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and is dedicated to promoting the Korean martial art and Olympic sport of Taekwondo.

Members of Sun-Do Taekwondo practice Taekwondo under the direction and rules of the World Taekwondo Federation based in Seoul, Korea. Our goal is excellence and understanding in the art of Taekwondo.

Through training, members of Sun-Do Taekwondo gain discipline, physical fitness and self-confidence. For those that enjoy competition, there are many opportunities each year, both nationally and internationally, to put their skills into practice.

Information about Sun-Do Taekwondo clubs is contained in this site. Interested persons are welcome to visit and join in training at these clubs for a trial period without obligation.

In the past we have hosted visits by Black Belts and Instructors from Australia, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Korea, and various European countries. We welcome anyone who would like to train in Taekwondo.